This is the site for the official brand manual for The Old Schoolhouse®. This is an ongoing project and will be updated as specific scenarios are encountered and certain branding applications needs to be defined.

For the purpose of getting everybody on the same page, a logo is the mark that makes a company identifiable, much as names give people a place in the world. A brand is a company’s purpose, visualized; it is the heart and soul of the business, encapsulating its truth in a desirable way. A brand identity is the expression of a business and can be flexible and evolutionary, changing as the company grows. It’s crucial to understand this and apply it to the vision of The Old Schoolhouse®. 

The style theme behind our products, collateral, website, user interface, etc. is simple, clean, bright, smart and engaging.

To help you communicate the brand of The Old Schoolhouse® effectively, we’ve put together a brief overview of each of our brand lines. This site illustrates the correct usages of each identity and should provide a better understanding of when and how to incorporate the official assets and how to approach certain design situations. 

Please direct any branding questions to Angela Quigley (