The Old Schoolhouse

In order to provide you with the tools that you need to create focused collateral for The Old Schoolhouse®, we have created a collection of approved logos, templates, etc. You can access this library on Backpack. The Old Schoolhouse® retains ownership of all images and materials included in the library. They may not be sold or licensed to any third party.

Any materials you create for The Old Schoolhouse® should follow the style and voice of the The Old Schoolhouse® brand. Please only use the assets we’ve provided you to feature The Old Schoolhouse®, rather than attempting to mimic The Old Schoolhouse® collateral. Incorporating a similar layout or structure to existing The Old Schoolhouse® collateral and presentation materials is encouraged.

If creating collateral for your own brand or another company but featuring The Old Schoolhouse® logos, etc., the general design should be consistent with the other brand but any official usage of The Old Schoolhouse® assets (logo, etc.) needs to follow the The Old Schoolhouse® usage guidelines.

Logo Treatment

The most commonly used The Old Schoolhouse® logo is the black version.  When design prohibits this, it may be used in all black or reversed out to white.

Standard Logo – black
Standard Logo – red
Standard Logo – reversed on transparent background

Logo Variations

This logo has no variations other than color of the logo.

Sizing and Spacing

Minimum Size

To ensure proper logo clarity and legibility in print media, the logo may not be reproduced in sizes less than 1.75” wide. The minimum size for electronic media is 50px high for the standard logo, 75px high for the narrow two-line logo, and 100px high for the vertical logo.


The logo should always appear with readability in mind. Covers of the magazine will have different backgrounds, and care is taken to make sure the logo is readable, whether having white outlines around the type, shadow “glows” or whatever is needed to help make it stand out. Other situations should try as much as possible to use a white or light solid color background behind the logo (or dark colors when using the white version of the logo). Use discretion to make sure the logo is easy to read and stands out. Busy pattern and texture backgrounds are to be avoided.


When scaling (enlarging or reducing) the logo, always make sure to use the shift key in your design program to maintain the original proportions of the logo.

Color and Fonts

Brand Colors

While many colors can be used with the logo, most uses of the logo tend to be black, red, and white.

Brand Fonts

The primary font used in the logo hasn’t been determined, yet, and unfortunately the original art is not available. Therefore no attempt to recreate the logo should be made. Use the logos we are providing.

“The Family Education Magazine” tagline is set in Minion Pro Semibold Italic. It should be set with wide letterspacing (known as tracking) at 200em. Note the spacing in the logo tagline compared to the standard output of the text in the example below the logo.