Homeschool Review Crew

In order to provide you with the tools that you need to create Homeschool Review Crew focused collateral, we have created a collection of approved logos, templates, etc. You can access this library on Backpack. Homeschool Review Crew retains ownership of all images and materials included in the library. They may not be sold or licensed to any third party.

Any materials you create for the Homeschool Review Crew should follow the style and voice of the Homeschool Review Crew brand. Please only use the assets we’ve provided you to feature the Homeschool Review Crew, rather than attempting to mimic Homeschool Review Crew collateral. Incorporating a similar layout or structure to existing Homeschool Review Crew collateral and presentation materials is encouraged.

If creating collateral for your own brand or another company but featuring logos, etc., the general design should be consistent with the other brand but any official usage of Homeschool Review Crew assets (logo, etc.) needs to follow the Homeschool Review Crew usage guidelines.

Logo Treatment

The Homeschool Review Crew logo is in color.  It should be used in color in all circumstances.

Horizontal Logo

Logo Variations

Beside the standard horizontal logo, a small square icon logo has been developed.

Square icon logo

Logo Icon

The logo icon may not be used alone except for official, company-related items like the web site favicon, chat badge, or other specific elements on the site. The icon may not be used alone in advertising, affiliate assets, or other public uses not directly related and on the Homeschool Review Web Site

Sizing and Spacing

Minimum Size

To ensure proper logo clarity and legibility in print media, the logo may not be reproduced in sizes less than 1.75” wide. The minimum size for electronic media 75px high.

Clear Spacing

The logo should always appear with clear space around it.  Please provide space equal to the height of the “H” in Homeschool around the top and sides of the logo and underneath the logo.  The clear, uncluttered space surrounding the logo maintains the logo’s integrity, impact, and legibility.


When scaling (enlarging or reducing) the logo, always make sure to use the shift key in your design program to maintain the original proportions of the logo.

Color and Fonts

Brand Colors

The Homeschool Review Crew color scheme reinforces the company’s brand and personality. We rely heavily on the use of white space to maintain the clean and simple look, keeping the use of other colors to a minimum. Please only use the provided colors when designing other text and visual elements in conjunction with Review Crew logos, graphics, and imagery. RGB and hexadecimal values should be used for onscreen documents and CMYK values are for print.

Hex: #4555a5
RGB: 69, 85, 165
CMYK: (84, 76, 0, 0)

Hex: #d42f27 
RGB: 212, 47, 39
CMYK: (11, 96, 100, 2)

Brand Fonts

The primary font used in the logo is Josephin Sans.

Clean readable fonts are recommended for use with the graphics that are created to review products. The fonts used are up to the reviewer’s discretion but should be easily readable.

Other Branding Graphics

The following images can be used in headings are other